The objective of modern building design and construction is to provide a secure, healthy and comfortable built environment which at the same time addresses sensitive subjects such as energy consumption and impact on the natural environment. Building physics subjects present a cornerstone for creating built environment with the desired quality, in fields of architecture and engineering. Requirements for solutions to environmental problems are set forth according to user activities in the building, user’s physical, sociologic and psychological necessities and limit values of energy and resources. A great number of solutions in which requirements and possibilities are defined may exist. Requirements and possibilities are conditions to be met for the actualization of all solution alternatives and they may define the limit for providing possible solutions. At this point, the task for designer and builder is to accomplish designing a built environment with possibilities at hand and within the limits defined by requirements.

Increase in complexity of physical environment requires the designer, who creates or develops this environment, to exchange information with experts from other fields. This information exchange is a must to create a sustainable environment, which is one of the most important tasks of architects and engineers at this present time. Environment and energy problems threatening life on earth in the globalizing world necessitates initiatives about designing and building energy efficient sustainable environments.

This orienting has spurred the acceptance of assembling people working on building physics, who have a crucial role in developing a mutual understanding between architects and engineers, under a legal organization, within sustainability framework and the founding of Association of Building Physics. IABP (International Association of Building Physics) Board of Directors have proposed the founding of national associations of building physics and favored the development of this subject, during 4th International Building Physics Conference, which was organized by Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Building Physics and Environmental Control Working Group. Association of Building Physics has been founded by members of ITU Faculty of Architecture, Building Physics and Environmental Control Working Group. This group is strongly identified with architectural and engineering education with a history stretching back over 50 years, providing technical education and technical information. The group also aims to provide research projects related with a modern sustainable environment while retaining traditional values.

Association of Building Physics has advanced by the participation of other units and is continuing to conduct scientific research, to develop solutions in cooperation with industry and to develop international collaboration, on building physics, which is an ever growing subject in Turkey.