• To support national progress and academic and technological studies aimed at development of science and technology in the fields of building physics discipline such as thermal, visual, acoustical performance and energy performance of buildings , fire safety and water management and also to contribute constitution of economic, ecologic and sustainable architectural environments.


  • To improve the efficiency of scientific researches by enabling communication between researchers dealing with abovementioned fields, to provide and conduct documentation and knowledge, to organize national and international meetings such as seminar, exposition and congress etc., to conduct certificate programs and similar educational activities in order to train specialists.


  • To contact and collaborate with international building physics associations, institutes and research centers by providing convenient interrelation in terms of official permissions and legislation.


  • To collaborate with industry and sector at national and international level on the abovementioned fields and support their progress.


  • To set up economic, commercial and industrial enterprises in order to achieve targets and to provide necessary income.