Nowadays, in order to create a sustainable built envionment; it is necessary to develop effective solutions in the field of Building Physics and Environmental Control covering energy control, alternative energy sources, sustainability and water conservation besides building-service systems such as heating-ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, fire safety. It is obvious that the designer, who will create or develop the physical environment in the face of the increasing demands due to social and technological developments, should exchange accurate information with experts in the other fields. Knowledge exchange is especially necessary to provide a healthy, comfortable, energy efficient and sustainable environment, which is one of the most important tasks of the architects and the engineers today.

In this context, the aim of the 3rd National Building Physics and Environmental Control Congress organized by the Building Physics Association is; within the scope of the congress, to bring together the people who work in different fields such as research, design, application and production and transfer the work done, besides, to discuss new developments and to develop interdisciplinary solution proposals.

Conference Topics

• Control Systems of Built Environment (heat, humidity, light, sound, fire) and Performance Assessment
• Building Service Systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, fire safety, sanitary equipment)
• Climatic, Visual and Acoustical Comfort
• Energy Efficient Design and Construction, Building Performance Simulation
• Renewable Energy Use
• Planning and Design for Sustainable Environment
• Efficient Use of Water in Built Environment
• Building Insulation
(heat, water, damp, sound, fire)
• Environmental Noise Control
• Integrated Design of Built Environment
• Standards and Regulations